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Friday June 10th - Sunday 12th 2022

Glastonbury Energy Healer retreat Spring 2022


Qi healing retreat

Come and join me for this blissful weekend away in the historical town of Glastonbury.


Our beautiful retreat venue is at the begining of the pilgramage route into Glastonbury, we overlook the vast Avalon Marshes, where the Lady of the lake was said to have caught the sword of King Arthur and out to the ancient forest of Compton Dunden.


Whatever your reasons for joining us for this restorative weekend you are most welcome.

This retreat is for anyone:

  • If you're interested in starting a Qi Gung & energy healer journey, and want to offer healings to friends and family.

  • Existing energy healers who want to refine their healing abilites through Qi Gung, Qi Healing & meditation.

  • Anyone feeling they would like to get away to re-center, nourish and restore their own energy.

  • Existing Tai Chi & Qi Gung students who want to deepen into their own practices.

This weekend retreat will introduce you to Soul (Shen) practices:


These spiritual practices show you how to connect with your own inner light of peace and beauty.


Our Soul or 'True nature' has a natural frequency of healing, when we let the light of our soul shine through us, as a healer we automatically receive guidance and become a clear channel of its healing frequency.


If you are an existing energy healer this course introduces you to powerful practices used by Qi Gung masters in China & Japan for Millenia. If you are alreay a practitioner such as a Reiki, Shamanic, Spiritual or Intuitive healer you will learn ‘a way of being’ in allignment with the 'Tao,' which has a pure expression of universal life force, which will enhance your life force energy more effortlessly.


If you're new to energy work you will learn the skills necessary to start your own practices. I will show you how to let go of the tension of the fearful egoic nature and surrender into a more efforltess and fulfilling life, into the peaceful light of the Universal Qi, to become a clear channel of light on earth.


We will explore tools to enhance your healing potential, for both self healing and healing of others.


During this retreat as well as time for quiet self reflection, weather permitting, we will spend time meditating and practicing in nature.


During the training you will be introduced to energy healing tools such as:


Om meditation: To clean and expand your energy body.


Bio energy awareness practice: To remove energetic blockages and increase clairsentient and clairvoyant (psychic) awareness.


Qi Gung practices: To purify and strengthen the energy channels in the Physical, Astral & Light body.


Ne-Gung (internal Qi Gung) meditations: To balance Yin & Yang energy, and connect with your divine guides for insight and personal development.


Full body ‘Qi healing’ of self & partner You will also explore ‘mind as the healer’ or hands off healing sometime called distance or psychic healing.

Infinite Tai Chi to heal and open all your energy channels and expand your energy field.

Contemplative meditation: for relaxation and inner wisdom


This is a small intimate retreat only for only 12 people,

so book early to avoid disappointment 

Cost of this training weekend is £150.

This cost excludes food and accommodation.


The training retreat runs from:

6.00pm - 8.30pm Friday 

10.00am - 4.30pm Saturday

10.00am - 4.00pm Sunday

Contact me directly for any further info. or to reserve your place

You can also book an e-ticket to the event by clicking on the link below:

Graeme Waterfield is a Reiki master, Counsellor, Soul Reader, Soul releasing therapist & Qi Gung, Tai Chi, Yoga & meditation teacher. With over 25 years of experience as healer I have created this unique training course, to bring you the core principles of some of the world's leading spiritual and healing traditions. Not only will my course show you how to become a better channel of healing energy, but also how to live a life of more fulfilment, alignment, happiness and peace.

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